Acoustic glazing

Soundproofing Windows

Have you considered soundproofing your windows with acoustic glazing to block out the external noise such as road traffic?

Acoustic Secondary Glazing


If you are suffering with external noise issues caused by nearby roads, train-lines, pubs, clubs and air traffic then a secondary acoustic glazing unit can aid and restore the peace and quiet without the need to block the windows up. We do recommend leaving as much space between the primary (existing) window as possible as this cavity will increase the overall performance of the unit. Additionally by having Soundproof glazing this also provides great thermal properties allowing you to keep heat within your property and save money on your energy bills.

The benefits of having secondary acoustic glazing include:

  • Increases concentration
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces the noise level within the room
  • Reduces disturbed sleep
  • Retains heat (great for energy saving)

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Traffic? What traffic?!

Having our windows fitted with secondary acoustic glazing has made such a difference and we’re so grateful for the work the guys did. Highly recommend!

Nick, Central London