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Soundproofing Home Entertainment Rooms

You can turn any space into a luxury home entertainment room with our soundproofing solutions which are tailored to your needs.

Reimagine your space


London Bridge Soundproofing can provide 15 years of expertise to reimagine any area into a luxury home entertainment room tailored specifically to all your needs.

This could include home cinemas / movie rooms, music studios, drum rooms or gaming rooms. We’ve got you covered, with a variety of soundproofing solutions which will allow for a perfect entertainment area.

Our team are experienced sound proofers who are trained specifically to install acoustic systems, make them skilled in not only providing our soundproof systems but also trade specific skills including carpentry, plumbing and electrics, meaning we can provide a variety of home improvements to your space alongside any acoustical work, while enabling you to not have the stress of booking multiple trades.

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Keeping the sound in…

We’re actually the ones guilty of creating the noise with our home entertainment room. The soundproofing to our walls and ceilings has given us peace with our neighbours and we can enjoy ourselves without worrying that we’re upsetting people. Guys did a great job!

Max, London