Residential acoustic ceiling systems

Soundproofing Ceilings & Suspended Ceilings

Soundproofing your ceilings is an effective way of reducing noises from above whether you have a noisy neighbour or live below heavy footfall.

Introducing our independent ceiling system


It is extremely common for airborne and vibrational frequencies to transfer between floor and ceiling levels in Domestic and commercial Properties. Our ceiling systems are ideal for those looking to isolate noise from above. This could be a domestic property or Commercial including pubs/clubs and offices.

Our independent acoustic ceiling systems are extremely effective at reducing airborne and vibrational frequencies such as doors slamming / closing, loud music, shouting or footfall. Our team of soundproof specialists bring over 15 years of experience in soundproofing ceilings and suspended ceilings, so we’re sure to be able to find the right solution tailored to your needs.

Soundproofing Suspended Ceilings

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Have they moved out upstairs?

The apartment above us had children running around all the time so all we could hear was thump, thump, thump! The guys at London Bridge came out to do an assessment and a couple of weeks later put up a suspended ceiling system to absorb the noise and vibrations. You’d think they’ve moved out upstairs! Great job guys!

Sarah, Chelmsford